Monday, February 27, 2006

Time To Set a Precedent

By Rich Miles

February 27, 2006

There’s no longer any way around it: George W. Bush must go to prison.

So must Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld and the whole sociopathic, vicious gang.

Impeachment, dragged screaming and kicking out of the White House, permanent humiliation is no longer enough. It’s no longer enough for us to disgrace them, then let them serve out their respective terms, and leave them the leisure to rehabilitate themselves into elder statesmen in years to come.

The American people must once and for all show our current and future leaders that there are consequences – personal and inescapable – for lack of conscience, lack of leadership, and lack of compassion for the people who elected them, the people they are pledged to serve.

Therefore, the president of the United States must go to prison.

He cannot be permitted to escape a term in the lockup by resigning, as Nixon did. Even if he resigns – unlikely, since those who think themselves kings must abdicate not resign he must be charged, tried, and convicted of all his multiple felonies, then sentenced to life, plus the duration of the "War on Terrorism”.

Because if we, the American people, don’t finally show the people who work for us, who were hired by us, and are paid by us that they are accountable to us, Bush and his thugs and those who come after them will keep perpetrating crimes on us over and over and over again, and there will never be any accountability.

Never mind how unlikely it may seem that this can be done now, with all three branches of government under Republican control, and the Democrats in Congress searching high and low for a spine. First, the lock-step is not quite as locked as it seems and thus the "reality base" may have more support across the aisle than we think; and second, control of Congress is almost certainly going to change in November. That's not just optimistic talk - all the signs are there, in spite of all the "where the hell are the Democrats" articles in the MSM. Perhaps THAT will make the Democrats stand up for themselves and for us.

And in any case, consider the consequences if we don't:

Our so-called "leaders" ignore the will and well-being of the people and make us the enemy of the world.

They lie with impunity to keep us fearful, terrified, weak.

They steal our birthright, kill our children, destroy our country.

We must stop them. We must do all legally in our power, and we must start now. Before they stop America forever.

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