Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Day that Will Live in Infamy

I don't post on this thing often enough. I spend way too much time on, writing the stuff on his blog that I should be writing on mine.

Anyway, sorry for lifting FDR's famous line for the title of this post, but it seems the only appropriate way to start this.

George W. Bush has used his first presidential veto in 5 1/2 YEARS to veto the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, HR 810.

As if there were any doubt before, now it's official. The president of the United States is a religious fanatic who has no shame in pandering to the other religious fanatics in his "base" (Arabic translation: Al Qaeda - and I'm not kidding, trolls, that's really what it means.) He has not the first whit of concern for the American people at large, only those who can move his political (not leadership, POLITICAL) agenda forward.

Yahoo News reports that Bush has stamped his little feet and threatened a veto 141 times before this, and this is the one that is important enough for him NOT to flip-flop on? The one that makes America look like an ignorant, Luddite backwater full of snake-handling knuckle-draggers? Good job, George. Good job!

If this doesn't ensure a Democratic landslide in November and again in 08, then there is no hope for the Dem party, and they deserve what they get. Or don't get, as the case may be.

And if this veto is not overridden, then Congress might as well draft legislation to make Bush King for Life, because if they don't beat him into submission on this one, they'll never have any power or oversight again. Not that they have very much of it now.

Q: Islamic religious fanatic - Christian religious fanatic. What's the difference?

Anyone want to try that one on?

Monday, July 03, 2006

Have I hit a nerve?

by Rich Miles

Note the by-line. I'm going to change all of them when I have time. It was a dumb pen name anyway. I was just too chicken to put a name out there, but I think it's time to come out from behind it.

So my last post, "He's Not Leaving" was published on Buzzflash, and while I expected a bit of response, and that some of the responders would call me a nutcase, what I didn't expect was 23 emailed responses, ALL of them agreeing with at least the plausibility of my argument: Bush is going to attempt to stay in office beyond January 2009.

Now, 23 replies is not a lot - better-known bloggers get that many comments or replies in a morning, and guys like Kos probably gets that many in 5 minutes. But considering that nobody knows who the hell I am, I consider that figure to be a clear indicator that I've said something that needs to be said, and something that other people have thought or said before me.

Here is a sample of what some of my respondents said (last names removed to protect anonymity, and all samples unedited):

Just read your article at Buzzflash. The same thought occured to me quite awhile back. I am not so sure that anyone, even some Republicans, especially the libertarian wing, would be likely to sit still for an amendment to the consttitution just to keep Junior in the White House.

But I do see the possibility of a national emergency: Declaration of martial law, suspension of the constitution and no voting in Novemeber, 2008. Hell, it could be anything. "Al Qaeda attacks" in New York and L.A. with whatever. The Avian Flu, for that matter would be just as good or bad. Either one of these scenarios could be arranged much easier that people think.

Talk about tinfoil hat time, all they would have to do is make sure Hillary is elected and everything will go away, just like Iran/Contra went away when Bill Clinton was elected.

The Bushites are going to try to steal the elections again this year. Can it be done on a state-by state basis? Just ask Max Clelland in Georgia. This is where they did their trial run.

Mr Rich,

Thank you for putting "flesh" on what I expressed to my family and friends just before "Rove's War" began.

We are in deep "shit" in our country.

Elections are a farce, this administration controls the vote count for all 50 states. This administration controls with fear, I have fear, fear that we are unable to rid our country of this tyranny.

Bring back paper ballots,

David H
Hey Rich:
Just read your article concerning Bush staying on for a third term. Well, you're not the only one thinking of such a fiasco. I myself, who am marginally politically astute, have considered such a scenario myself. It's looking like the beginning of the end in oh so many ways. Good article.
Best, Karl G
Say it isn't so. You sure have spelled it out for them. Don't give these bastards any ideas. It is too painful.
I loved your article for Buzzflash. I have been saying the same thing since 2000 when he was first selected by the SC to be pResident.

I have also been saying that not only was 9/11 an inside job, but that if dumbya need another one to stay in power it would happen.

I want to do all I can to circulate your article, if you don't mind. I want to e-mail it, print it, post it, and spread it around in its entirety with full credit to you. Please let me know if this is OK.

Keep up the good work.
Good morning, Rich

Your article scared the hell out of me because it doesn't sound the
least bit far-fetched.

Don't I wish the Jesus that these neo-Cons swear to love so much returns
to Earth to chomp on their asses as well as more so-called "private

Lisa N, in the Greater Boston area
Dear Mr. Miles:

Kudos for your subject essay which expresses many of the very same thoughts I've fearfully entertained, and not for a minute do I doubt the possibility of such an atrocious outcome.

To play on an old cliche', "when you snooze, you lose" has never before been in such evidence during my rather extended lifetime as our citizens of today obviously are snoozing away our freedom.

Thank you for having the honesty and courage to offer such food for thought, and may there be a massive awakening before all is lost to the forces of lust for power and insatiable greed.

Yours very truly,

Jacquelyn W - TN
Dear Rich-

You know, I think you got it right. My SO has been muttering about this very thing for 6 yrs, and at first I said, nah, that's just.....then in the utter dark of all these nights, I realized, how the fuck COULD they leave? And if you'll 1/steal the presidency, 2/plan/be complicit in an attack on US soil just so you can be King of the Mtn, and 3/all that other shit they keep doing/not doing in order to just majorly fuck us all up, then what's a 3rd term, eh?

About to click over to your reg site, whatever that may be. Probably pretty good. I'm from Kaintuck myself, down ca Bowling Green. Migrated up to the NYC area long ago. Sorry your governor is such a jerk....we're about to get rid of our moron and possibly get a rather cool one--Spitzer. Works for me!

Thanks for the Buzzflash letter....

Sally L
Dear Sir,
I have been trying to tell all of my friends about the very real possibility of what you said in your article, but they all laugh and try to tell me that I'm a nutcase. I am going to make a copy of your article and show it to as many friends and people that I know, if you don't mind.
I believe that GW and friends are fascists and will stop at nothing to retain power and screw over the american people.
Thanks for your article.


Paul B
Like you, I do not believe that the Bush gang will leave willingly. First they claimed the unconstitutional prerogative of something called the “unitary president” which you know places them above the law. They have also floated the idea of a thing called the “continuity presidency” which essentially allows POTUS to remain in office during a national emergency. The notion comes from the legal mind of Alberto Gonzales. On the bright side, the Supreme Court just slapped George’s wrist, but he will blow them off just like he has the Congress. In fact, Congress is so subservient it will probably help him do it. History may note that the 1st American Republic ended on December 9, 2000, the date the Supreme Court issued its injunction stopping the Florida recount in preparation for handing the presidency to Bush. Every disaster than has befallen since was fomented by that decision.

They’ve already taken control of the country. The only issue is how to take it back and what the 2nd American Republic will look like.


So - not a representative national sample perhaps, but do you think maybe, just maybe, this is a thought that someone had before me?