Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Day that Will Live in Infamy

I don't post on this thing often enough. I spend way too much time on, writing the stuff on his blog that I should be writing on mine.

Anyway, sorry for lifting FDR's famous line for the title of this post, but it seems the only appropriate way to start this.

George W. Bush has used his first presidential veto in 5 1/2 YEARS to veto the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, HR 810.

As if there were any doubt before, now it's official. The president of the United States is a religious fanatic who has no shame in pandering to the other religious fanatics in his "base" (Arabic translation: Al Qaeda - and I'm not kidding, trolls, that's really what it means.) He has not the first whit of concern for the American people at large, only those who can move his political (not leadership, POLITICAL) agenda forward.

Yahoo News reports that Bush has stamped his little feet and threatened a veto 141 times before this, and this is the one that is important enough for him NOT to flip-flop on? The one that makes America look like an ignorant, Luddite backwater full of snake-handling knuckle-draggers? Good job, George. Good job!

If this doesn't ensure a Democratic landslide in November and again in 08, then there is no hope for the Dem party, and they deserve what they get. Or don't get, as the case may be.

And if this veto is not overridden, then Congress might as well draft legislation to make Bush King for Life, because if they don't beat him into submission on this one, they'll never have any power or oversight again. Not that they have very much of it now.

Q: Islamic religious fanatic - Christian religious fanatic. What's the difference?

Anyone want to try that one on?

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