Monday, May 20, 2013

Intro by Rich Miles; Article by Allen Clifton

I am disgusted at Republicans. I have had it with them. They are not human. They are non compos mentis. They do not deserve to have a part in the national conversation. Below is a piece that explains, in part only, why this is true. Photographic evidence of the  allegations re: our last THREE presidents is somewhere to be had - I didn't make a copy of it because I never thought for a moment that it would reach the level it has. If you are a Dem, read this with a shot of whiskey or a blood pressure pill at hand. If you are a Rep, how can you remain one after an episode like this? Do you really want your elected representatives to be this unrelentingly stupid?

Attacking Obama Because of an Umbrella, Republicans Reach New Lows

Friday, April 12, 2013

The God Reagan speaks from the grave

by Rich Miles

Finally! After hours of research, I have found the video that I KNEW existed, of the God Reagan saying that Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit. Here is the address, and you can see it for yourself:

Reagan says the deficit has nothing to do with Social Security

Ol' Ronnie seems to be the only politician since FDR who is honest enough to admit this. If you eliminate SocSec, it will not affect the deficit one thin dime - except if, as has been the case almost since its inception, the Congress continues to steal from the Trust Fund to attempt to balance their hideously overdrawn budgets.

And please, Republicans, try to curtail that awful habit most of you seem to have where you blame the entire current deficit on Obama, as if Bush never spent a dime in 8 years. Have you no memory, no sense of history about you? GEORGE W. BUSH created this deficit by invading Iraq, a country that had done nothing to us, and despite its mouthy leader's rhetoric, was not likely to EVER do anything to us. Our invasion of Iraq was a personal vendetta of George W Bush, and more than 4000 of our young men died to let him avenge his uninjured but insulted daddy. MORE than four thousand!! Dead! And countless thousands wounded! GWB is the foulest war criminal since Hitler, or at least Pol Pot. But that's a story for another time.

So please, I know how repugnant reality is to most of you Republicans, but face this much - the God Reagan said it! It has to be true! Social Security has nothing to do with the Federal or any other deficit!!!

Get it! Got it? Good.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Don't be stupid, America!!

I've spoken of this in previous posts, but it bears repeating: the Republican party is trying to "rebrand" itself as a kinder, gentler bunch of fascists - DON'T FALL FOR IT!!! Rand Paul, the little twit of a junior senator from my state, is trying to spearhead this effort. I am here to tell you, it is NOT SINCERE!! It is nothing but a public relations ploy designed to make us think that they are not the selfish Nazis they have been for most of their history, after Lincoln (I wonder if Lincoln would BE a Republican if he were alive today).

Do some reading - you will see that it is not real. I'll try to post some examples of what I am talking about in the days to come. But it's bullshit, America! They do not care about you, or me, or anything but getting elected so they can enrich themselves and their cronies at OUR expense. Believe it.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Here's what marriage is

by Rich Miles

You people are beginning to annoy me.

You claim things about the Bible that simply ARE. NOT. TRUE.

Jesus never said one word about homosexuals or same sex marriage. I already ranted on about that.

But - BUT - it seems some people need a little remedial explanation of what marriage is in the abstract.

Marriage IS mentioned in the Bible. Not sure what-all the book has to say about it, but it's mentioned. BUT...

It is NOT an institution of god. It is, purely and simply, a way to try and prove who the father of any individual baby is, so that inheritances may be determined more fairly and equitably. If a man could believe that his wife had sex only with him, then he could believe that her offspring is his child, and would feel better about leaving his entire estate to that (usually male) child. Never mind the bastards he fathered, and usually KNEW he fathered, never mind the daughters he needn't leave anything to.

Marriage is for that purpose and that purpose alone - to (try to) ensure that a woman stayed faithful to her husband.

Of course, we know now, as they knew then, that it didn't always work. Ever hear the expression "Her baby, his maybe"? No man EVER knows for certain who fathered his wife's baby. We can only trust. I'm fairly certain that my father really WAS my father, because we looked almost exactly alike. But I don't really know, now do I? Nothing against my mom, she was almost certainly faithful to my dad. But I don't really KNOW, do I?

And within the above definition, it doesn't matter that gay marrieds can't reproduce - in the traditional sense anyway. Lots of straights who marry can't have babies, or choose not to, or have miscarriages and never a live birth. Should we deny them the right to marry? Should reproductive status have anything to do with the question? I say no.

But in fine, marriage is a social construct, dressed up and tricked out as an institution of god. But it ain't really so.

I mention all this to try, probably futilely, to get the radical rightwing anti-gay marriage morons to get off their high horses, and shut up about same-sex marriage. I am farting in a whirlwind, but it's worth trying, I guess.

You are wrong! So just SHUT UP!!!

by Rich Miles

You're wrong, OK? Jesus never said ANYTHING about gay marriage, or homosexuals, or anything of the sort. NOTHING. Got it? And most especially not in the Book of Romans, as one self-righteous moron alleged earlier today.The full name of that book is, variously, St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans, or the Epistle of Paul to the Romans, or the Letter of Paul to the Romans. See? It says right there in your Bible that Paul wrote it - and a bit of critical reading will show that it was written after the Crucifixion - so Jesus could NOT have written it.

So as a sign I saw yesterday read, "As Jesus said about homosexuality and same sex marriage, "                            ". NOTHING. Not ONE WORD. So get over it. See the next post for the once and for all explanation of what marriage is.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Why Liberals and Atheists are Smarter

by Rich Miles

Would you like to know why liberals and atheists are more intelligent than  conservative religionists ? Or perhaps more accurately, why intelligent people tend to become liberals and atheists?

Read this article by internationally renowned evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa.

He pretty well demonstrates that, the higher the level of intelligence in a person, mostly men, the more likely that person is to be a liberal, an atheist, or both. I can't explain why it's not as often so in women, but that's what he maintains.

It's from a respected professional journal, and it's a little dry in spots. But if you have ever wondered why this appears to be so, this article will help to clear up the mystery. I will be surprised if even one conservative Christian reads this.

Please comment. But keep it clean and respectable, or I'll delete you.

17 Reasons Why I can't support McConnell

by Rich Miles

Just want you to see this - it's a comment at the bottom of an article on Daily Kos called:

17 Reasons Why I Can't Support Senator Mitch McConnell's 2014 Re-Election Bid
To wit: 
* [new]  McConnell serves money... (3+ / 0-)
...not the people of Kentucky or this country. McConnell has always craved power, and money is the means to his power: money he provides to others through legislation and money they provide back to him. I have never understood why so many in Kentucky willingly sacrifice their economic security for the leader of the party that wants to end medicare, gut social security, reduce unemployment insurance, eliminate workplace safety regulations, gut public education, and push wages and benefits of average people to where they are "competitive" with the cheapest source of foreign labor in the undeveloped world. I appreciate the facts you provide, but, as you know, facts don't matter to most people here. They believe what they believe, and they only believe what they hear from Rush, Fox, or their preacher/politician.

Some little bit of truth among the lies

by Rich Miles

One of the downsides of the Internet is that it's just so gol-darned big, you know? A group of 100,000 people could spend 12 hours a day reading articles and gleaning info, and in 40 years, could not get 1/10000 of it read, much less committed to memory.

The second sentence of the above paragraph is totally made up. I have no idea if it's true - but it seems plausible. It could be true. There's no way to check the figures, though.

And that is how the Republican misinformation machine works - they give us stuff that seems like it could be true, and then they dare us to prove them wrong. Most people, in fact almost everyone, fails to do so. And a certain percentage of the blithering idiots among us actually believe the crap completely uncritically. And I am getting tired of it. I am getting sick of my future, and that of my country, being decided by morons who are not only ignorant, but actively proud of their ignorance!

Well, I can't fight the millions of such mental dung beetles all by myself, but I can occasionally offer something a bit more concrete and provable, and that's what I am doing today.  From the Fiscal Times, a more reasoned and well-presented analysis of an issue in which we all, or almost all, should have an interest:

From The Fiscal Times:
Why Government Spending Is Not Out of Control

And last but not etc., there are articles all over Hell that are still conflating Social Security spending and federal deficits. For the umpteenth time, Social Security does not add ONE THIN DIME to the federal deficit. In fact, because of the way politicians have been stealing from it for decades, it actually functions to reduce the deficit, just like the USPS. But only by a small amount.

See, what the Republicans want is not to reduce deficits, but to starve poor people to death. Whatever deficit reduction may be had is going to go to cronies and campaign contributors anyway.

Read the article. Please.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Paul Ryan is not paying attention - nor are his partymates

Update: Another example of the premise of this piece was reported last night: Karl Rove and Sarah Palin are currently having a contretemps. Palin accuses Rove of being a rotten political consultant, with most if not all of his premier candidates getting creamed in November 2012; and Rove mocks Palin's brief term (only two years) as governor of Alaska. Read about it here. Can you imagine this happening 7 or 8 years ago?

Also, as much as I enjoy having commenters here, and don't wish to piss them off, the one comment that is here as of 3/18/13, which is actually from a friend of mine, is just wrong. It's not just my opinion that this is happening. I'm not just following the opinions of others of my political bent. It is really happening.How far it will go remains to be seen, but it's definitely happening. It's my opinion that it is happening BECAUSE the Republicans are losing so much lately - they're losing and it's making them testy. Please proceed:

by Rich Miles

OK, one point that has to be made: no matter how much one may dislike this little pencil-neck geek Paul Ryan and his budget plans, he is chair of the House Budget Committee. He's supposed to produce budget proposals. He's just not supposed to do it this badly.

Now - we are in an interesting historical era right now. We are, or can be, witness to the death of a political philosophy, where the owners of that philosophy are too blind/stupid/arrogant/pick one or more to note that the death of the way of thought is happening.

If you read carefully, in every single news source you can stand, you will see undeniable evidence that the Republican Party is falling apart. They are off-message, they are disagreeing with each other, they are calling other factions names, they are failing to see the handwriting on the wall that tells them (or would if they paid attention) that Americans no longer think the way they did, no longer fall into lockstep with the fascistic ideology that they once did.

I don't say there are NO more Republican believers - it's just that there are far fewer of them than there were in the Bush interregnum. If I live to be 150, I will never understand how America was so hoodwinked by Bush the Younger, but it seems that it's now over, recovery has well and truly begun, and we can only hope it's true. We will have to deal with the Republicans a while longer - but I believe it's possible that in 20 years or less, there will be NO Republican party as we know it today, and quite likely its offshoot the Tea Party will have disappeared as well.

Read your news well - you will likely see this phenomenon as well. If so, I hope you'll come here and report it as you see it.

Y'see, those who tend to gravitate to thought lines like the Repugs have espoused since at least 1980* and likely well before, do not function well when no one is telling them what to think, say and do. They are either controllers, or ones who need to be controlled. So any measure of confusion in the ranks, especially as much as is evident now, just knocks the troops in a cocked hat and leaves them wandering about like the robots in Woody Allen's "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex...".

*Actually, 1968 would probably be more accurate.

That's my opinion. That's what I'm seeing. Take a look and see if perhaps you don't see the same.

Monday, March 11, 2013

This is beginning to keep me awake nights...

by Rich Miles

Look, folks, if the events of the past 14 years or so have taught me nothing else, they have shown me unequivocally how STOOOPID the American people can be.

Not you, of course, but all those OTHERS!

But it is looking almost definite that the Repugs are going to try to run Jeb Bush for preznit in 2012. His name and image have shown up in numerous places after a long silence, and he is making observations on things that would only be of interest to a presidential candidate.

I am willing to work VERY hard to keep this from happening, keep him from winning. But if there is one statement that proves that Jeb Bush is too addled to be president, it is this one:

During a tour of Sunday morning talk shows,  Jeb Bush said, "No, I don't think there's any Bush baggage at all."

(Now see, the correct answer to this is, "Well sure, there is for Democrats,  but most of them won't vote for me anyway.")

Do we want, can we afford, a man who is that deluded in our highest office? Work hard to keep this from happening. It could finally mean the end of America. Didn't Little Bro almost put us away from 2001-2009? If they start marketing Jeb as "the smarter Bush brother" or "the compassionate Bush brother", or words to that effect, they are aiming him at the White House. And the irony of 41-43-45 is just too much for me to stand. You?

AND if he starts making war noises even before he gets in, then that is a certainty. The Repugs have learned the lesson of how hard it is to lose an election for Prez if there is a war on. Shrub showed 'em.

You know, most of what I said about GWB turned out to be true - go back in this blog to about 2000, 2001 and check. That is not observed to make me look like a smart guy, but merely to point out that, if I was right before, I might be right again.

It's tough being Cassandra.