Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You are wrong! So just SHUT UP!!!

by Rich Miles

You're wrong, OK? Jesus never said ANYTHING about gay marriage, or homosexuals, or anything of the sort. NOTHING. Got it? And most especially not in the Book of Romans, as one self-righteous moron alleged earlier today.The full name of that book is, variously, St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans, or the Epistle of Paul to the Romans, or the Letter of Paul to the Romans. See? It says right there in your Bible that Paul wrote it - and a bit of critical reading will show that it was written after the Crucifixion - so Jesus could NOT have written it.

So as a sign I saw yesterday read, "As Jesus said about homosexuality and same sex marriage, "                            ". NOTHING. Not ONE WORD. So get over it. See the next post for the once and for all explanation of what marriage is.

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