Saturday, March 23, 2013

17 Reasons Why I can't support McConnell

by Rich Miles

Just want you to see this - it's a comment at the bottom of an article on Daily Kos called:

17 Reasons Why I Can't Support Senator Mitch McConnell's 2014 Re-Election Bid
To wit: 
* [new]  McConnell serves money... (3+ / 0-)
...not the people of Kentucky or this country. McConnell has always craved power, and money is the means to his power: money he provides to others through legislation and money they provide back to him. I have never understood why so many in Kentucky willingly sacrifice their economic security for the leader of the party that wants to end medicare, gut social security, reduce unemployment insurance, eliminate workplace safety regulations, gut public education, and push wages and benefits of average people to where they are "competitive" with the cheapest source of foreign labor in the undeveloped world. I appreciate the facts you provide, but, as you know, facts don't matter to most people here. They believe what they believe, and they only believe what they hear from Rush, Fox, or their preacher/politician.

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