Monday, March 11, 2013

This is beginning to keep me awake nights...

by Rich Miles

Look, folks, if the events of the past 14 years or so have taught me nothing else, they have shown me unequivocally how STOOOPID the American people can be.

Not you, of course, but all those OTHERS!

But it is looking almost definite that the Repugs are going to try to run Jeb Bush for preznit in 2012. His name and image have shown up in numerous places after a long silence, and he is making observations on things that would only be of interest to a presidential candidate.

I am willing to work VERY hard to keep this from happening, keep him from winning. But if there is one statement that proves that Jeb Bush is too addled to be president, it is this one:

During a tour of Sunday morning talk shows,  Jeb Bush said, "No, I don't think there's any Bush baggage at all."

(Now see, the correct answer to this is, "Well sure, there is for Democrats,  but most of them won't vote for me anyway.")

Do we want, can we afford, a man who is that deluded in our highest office? Work hard to keep this from happening. It could finally mean the end of America. Didn't Little Bro almost put us away from 2001-2009? If they start marketing Jeb as "the smarter Bush brother" or "the compassionate Bush brother", or words to that effect, they are aiming him at the White House. And the irony of 41-43-45 is just too much for me to stand. You?

AND if he starts making war noises even before he gets in, then that is a certainty. The Repugs have learned the lesson of how hard it is to lose an election for Prez if there is a war on. Shrub showed 'em.

You know, most of what I said about GWB turned out to be true - go back in this blog to about 2000, 2001 and check. That is not observed to make me look like a smart guy, but merely to point out that, if I was right before, I might be right again.

It's tough being Cassandra.

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