Saturday, March 23, 2013

Some little bit of truth among the lies

by Rich Miles

One of the downsides of the Internet is that it's just so gol-darned big, you know? A group of 100,000 people could spend 12 hours a day reading articles and gleaning info, and in 40 years, could not get 1/10000 of it read, much less committed to memory.

The second sentence of the above paragraph is totally made up. I have no idea if it's true - but it seems plausible. It could be true. There's no way to check the figures, though.

And that is how the Republican misinformation machine works - they give us stuff that seems like it could be true, and then they dare us to prove them wrong. Most people, in fact almost everyone, fails to do so. And a certain percentage of the blithering idiots among us actually believe the crap completely uncritically. And I am getting tired of it. I am getting sick of my future, and that of my country, being decided by morons who are not only ignorant, but actively proud of their ignorance!

Well, I can't fight the millions of such mental dung beetles all by myself, but I can occasionally offer something a bit more concrete and provable, and that's what I am doing today.  From the Fiscal Times, a more reasoned and well-presented analysis of an issue in which we all, or almost all, should have an interest:

From The Fiscal Times:
Why Government Spending Is Not Out of Control

And last but not etc., there are articles all over Hell that are still conflating Social Security spending and federal deficits. For the umpteenth time, Social Security does not add ONE THIN DIME to the federal deficit. In fact, because of the way politicians have been stealing from it for decades, it actually functions to reduce the deficit, just like the USPS. But only by a small amount.

See, what the Republicans want is not to reduce deficits, but to starve poor people to death. Whatever deficit reduction may be had is going to go to cronies and campaign contributors anyway.

Read the article. Please.

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