Sunday, March 17, 2013

Paul Ryan is not paying attention - nor are his partymates

Update: Another example of the premise of this piece was reported last night: Karl Rove and Sarah Palin are currently having a contretemps. Palin accuses Rove of being a rotten political consultant, with most if not all of his premier candidates getting creamed in November 2012; and Rove mocks Palin's brief term (only two years) as governor of Alaska. Read about it here. Can you imagine this happening 7 or 8 years ago?

Also, as much as I enjoy having commenters here, and don't wish to piss them off, the one comment that is here as of 3/18/13, which is actually from a friend of mine, is just wrong. It's not just my opinion that this is happening. I'm not just following the opinions of others of my political bent. It is really happening.How far it will go remains to be seen, but it's definitely happening. It's my opinion that it is happening BECAUSE the Republicans are losing so much lately - they're losing and it's making them testy. Please proceed:

by Rich Miles

OK, one point that has to be made: no matter how much one may dislike this little pencil-neck geek Paul Ryan and his budget plans, he is chair of the House Budget Committee. He's supposed to produce budget proposals. He's just not supposed to do it this badly.

Now - we are in an interesting historical era right now. We are, or can be, witness to the death of a political philosophy, where the owners of that philosophy are too blind/stupid/arrogant/pick one or more to note that the death of the way of thought is happening.

If you read carefully, in every single news source you can stand, you will see undeniable evidence that the Republican Party is falling apart. They are off-message, they are disagreeing with each other, they are calling other factions names, they are failing to see the handwriting on the wall that tells them (or would if they paid attention) that Americans no longer think the way they did, no longer fall into lockstep with the fascistic ideology that they once did.

I don't say there are NO more Republican believers - it's just that there are far fewer of them than there were in the Bush interregnum. If I live to be 150, I will never understand how America was so hoodwinked by Bush the Younger, but it seems that it's now over, recovery has well and truly begun, and we can only hope it's true. We will have to deal with the Republicans a while longer - but I believe it's possible that in 20 years or less, there will be NO Republican party as we know it today, and quite likely its offshoot the Tea Party will have disappeared as well.

Read your news well - you will likely see this phenomenon as well. If so, I hope you'll come here and report it as you see it.

Y'see, those who tend to gravitate to thought lines like the Repugs have espoused since at least 1980* and likely well before, do not function well when no one is telling them what to think, say and do. They are either controllers, or ones who need to be controlled. So any measure of confusion in the ranks, especially as much as is evident now, just knocks the troops in a cocked hat and leaves them wandering about like the robots in Woody Allen's "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex...".

*Actually, 1968 would probably be more accurate.

That's my opinion. That's what I'm seeing. Take a look and see if perhaps you don't see the same.

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