Monday, May 08, 2006

So now they tell us

by Rich Miles

Been trying to contain my rage at reading, in today's WaPo , that what we knew all along is true: the Bush tax cuts are NOT strengthening the economy, and are in fact leading to INCREASED government spending and impoverishment of the middle class.

So far, in 5+ years, Bush has gotten exactly NOTHING right.

Well, perhaps that's a bit too harsh. He's VERY good at rewarding his campaign contributors and cronies in various ways while screwing the rest of us blue, and he's top-notch at fudging (or if you prefer the more informal term, stealing) close elections. At least, we think they're close - hell, this thing is so big that he may actually have lost by 20 points and we'd never know it.

How bout this: What Part of $2.6 Trillion Don't You Understand?

Or this: Logic 101

Or even this: The Robbery Continues

It ain't like this is NEWS, people! I mean, the guy's been screwing us, and TELLING us he's screwing us, and asking us to LIKE it that he's screwing us, for FIVE FUCKING YEARS!

And now, all of a sudden, the pundits are starting to sit up and take notice?

It's gone way beyond Dem vs. Republican, folks. If you don't see that the issues at hand represent, in total, the question of the continued existence of the Republic, NOT just "as we know it", but the nation's survival AT ALL, then you're too stupid to live.

And that's the truth.

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