Saturday, June 13, 2009

Teacher Obama

Note: For reasons unknown, my cut and paste function is not working. It will make this piece somewhat less than complete, but you can find the links if you want to badly enough. At any rate, on with the business at hand:

by Rich Miles

I wonder what the mean-ass rightie weenies will do with this one...

Last night, June 12th, Pres. Obama did something so warm, so human, and yet so totally unexpected that, even though it was a small gesture, it was something his opponents, among others, will take notice of.

In short, Pres. Obama, in response to a youngster's concern over missing class in order to see the president, wrote an excuse note so the child would not be penalized.

Now, it's been almost 24 hours since this event took place, and so far I've seen no evidence that any rightie asshole has had anything significantly negative to say about it.

But there have been several other events to which the repugs have had almost inexplicably negative responses, to the point that they made themselves look foolish in their criticism.

For instance, remember the night the Prez and VP Biden sneaked out for burgers? Of course they were accompanied by Secret Service agents, and the repugs accused them of wasting government resources. (No mention of how wasted they as government resources might have been without the Secret Service along.)

Or the night the Prez and Mrs. Obama went on a dinner-and-a-play "date"? Ditto the wasted resources accusation.

Or how much shit Michelle caught for her sleeveless dress?

There were one or two more such displays of humanity that received some negativity from the wings. The right wings, to be precise.

But to make a long point short, can you envision the Bushmaster doing ANY of the things listed above?

I can't. Not that he was too good for such hobnobbing with the hoi polloi, but that he seemed to know, or at least his advisors did, that he was not well enough liked to try something like that. And as for Cheney accompanying him, fuhgeddaboudit.

Anyway, to conclude a long story: it's a wonder Preznit Obama doesn't just tell us all to go fuck ourselves. It's a tribute to his presidency that he hasn't. Yet.

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Jack Jodell said...

Interesting how precious the repugs hold government resources when THEY are out of office! We never heard a peep out of them the 20% of the time W spent on vacation in Crawford, TX, and you can bet your ass he had PLENTY of Secret Service agents with him every time!