Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When did making sense become optional?

by Rich Miles

You know what I don't understand about conservatives?

Well, there are a lot of things I don't understand about them, like for instance why they even exist, but here's the main thing, and while I haven't articulated this before now, it's been true for quite a while:

What I don't understand is, why do conservatives believe - and believe as if Gospel - the words and thoughts of idiots like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck (less and less as time goes on), and others of their lying, self-deceiving and hate-filled ilk, but they DO NOT believe the President of the United States.

Now, these are the same people, in large part, who got their knickers in a major twist ANY TIME anyone even so much as questioned the slightest judgment of their beloved George W. Bush.

And never, or hardly ever, do ANY of these people even question whether the heinous crap they're laying on Pres. Obama even makes SENSE!

I mean, does the concept of "death panels" make any sense? Does anyone really believe the government could even get away with instituting such a horrible concept?

Surely, if it's thought through, the answer to the above MUST be "no".

And so it is with any number of other points of objection maintained by the righties. They just don't make sense. And yet, the right-wingers believe them. And WILL NOT believe the standard authority figures, not that they should be believed out of hand, but that they are at least a first point of departure.

For sensible people, anyway.

But au fin, the Marching Morons continue to live in fear, and continue to refer NOT to people who might reasonably be able to allay their fears, but to those who play to them, and who increase their fears.

I don't get it. And it's my guess that even the people who DO it don't understand why they do it either.

They're just like Pavlov's dogs. Only dumber.

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Jack Jodell said...

It's just dawned on me, Rich. The reason neither of us can understand today's conservatives is that they are not conservatives. Let me explain.

A true conservative is a principled person who listens, ponders, researches, reasons, and then draws a logical conclusion.Real conservatives believe in law, order, respect for others, individual responsibility, and individual freedom from outside control. They wish to preserve that which has been created, and dislike change for the sake of change. They will compromise as long as they can apply a conservative overtone to anything new which comes their way. We may disagree with them on many courses of action, but they are at least rational.

In contrast, today's SO-CALLED conservatives (let's call them what they really are---radical reactionaries) are uncompromising, rash, impulsive, emotionally immature, overly simplistic, and not all that bright. Their behavior resembles that of spoiled little children who, if they can't have their way, pout and shout. They do not understand complexity and are far too lazy to do resarch and pondering beyond a very shallow level. They are closed-minded and self-centered and want to roll the clock back to a nonexistent simpler era. And, they want to do this NOW. This leads them to irrationally oppose everything new and to say or do anything, with no scruples at all, to ensure they get their way. They are uncivil and intolerant. Since much of what they say is based on hunch and fear of the unknown, they often make irrational and even delusional statements. They are a cynical and ignorant lot who love to lash out at all who are not 100% in agreement with them. Inherently dishonest, they speak in hyperbole.

They are a wretched bunch who border on insanity. They are not conservative in the least.