Friday, September 25, 2009

Financial Ramifications of Birth Control

by Rich Miles

' the words of Mike Thomas of the Orlando Sentinel, "The minute sperm enters egg, we have a person. One way birth control pills work is by thinning the womb so if an egg is fertilized, it will not implant. Some Christians consider this an abortion."'

Is it me, or are the religious nuts getting even nuttier with each passing headline?

I mean, read that opening graf again. "Some Christians" consider this an abortion? What the FUCK do I care what "some Christians" think?

In fact, I question the entire premise that "some Christians", or any Christians, think at all. It's my contention that, by the simple act of being Christians, they relinquish all claim to "thought" or "consideration".

But I digress.

The above quote is from an article by Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux called "Birth Control Threatened by Recession", in which several other such ridiculous and sexist ideas are propounded as well (on the con side, I'm pleased to report.)

I recommend you read the entire post. Especially if you live in Florida. Florida is a loony bin in this and other wingnut regards. But then, if you live there, you already knew that.

Seriously, the abject lack of respect for women - not MORE respect than is accorded men, but simply ANY respect at all - is just galling, for lack of a better word. I mean, there is a definitive link between global warming and reproductive rights, and the main stumbling block to the link is that women must not be allowed to decide whether or not they have children. I mean really, WTF?

Read the whole thing, and decide for yourself.


kentondem1 said...

No, it is not you.

Yes, they are getting nuttier every day.

Old Scout said...

Don't know what's worse ... those rite-wengerz who don't know how procreation works or those who intentionally interfere with or without knowledge or the innocence of barbarism their lack of education imposes upon society.