Friday, April 13, 2012

Equal taxation - Why is this so hard?

 by Rich Miles

Why is this such a difficult issue to resolve? Why isn't it axiomatic that all taxpayers should pay the same percentage of taxable income? Why did ANYONE, even the Bush "administration", ever believe that the rich should pay a lower percentage? And screw all that "class warfare" nonsense. If we were really engaged in class warfare, there would be dead rich people littering every street in the country.

Here's the reason why this issue is so difficult to resolve:  Because the morons in our government who are charged with debating it and fixing it are almost ALL  - are you ready for it? - RICH PEOPLE!!

Rich people who want all the money they can get more than they want to cure our nation's ills. Rich people who are so effin' greedy that they will use whatever ludicrous rhetoric they can choke out in debate rather than pay their fair share of taxes, who sincerely DO NOT CARE what a mess our government's budget is in, as long as they get theirs.

I don't know why this point has not been made more often. I do a lot of political reading, and I don't think I've ever seen it brought up before - the operant word in this issue is GREED!!!

Nothing else. Not national pride. Not class warfare. Not budgetary considerations. GREED. Primarily but not exclusively Republican greed. Exclusively the greed of our public servants. People WE elected to administer our government.

And instead of doing what we elected them for, they are serving almost exclusively their own GREED!!!

And dodging and weaving and making it someone else's fault. And completely ignoring the fact that we elected them to serve us.

GREED!! That is all it is on both sides of the aisle, though mostly the Republicans, simply by nature.

And the people who would be responsible for changing our laws so as to make this sort of thing less possible are THE SAME RICH, GREEDY, THIEVING ASSES who can't even admit that they're selling our nation down the river.

There aren't 10 members of the two houses of Congress who are worth the powder it would take to blow them up. Not 10 out of 535!! That's my estimate, but can you deny it? I don't think so.

And this is - most certainly and undeniably - what is causing our national debt to pierce the sky. What causes it to be counted in numbers bigger than any of us can even fathom: TRILLIONS!!! Well on the way to QUADRILLIONS.

And until we get rid of them, they'll keep doing it. The only thing that has even a chance of working is a massive anti-incumbent movement that is used in not one election cycle, not two, but THREE times running, until we have convinced our servants that we can do it - that we can get rid of them, and will. Even the very few who are doing their jobs must be dumped. Because we have to take our nation back.

We really have to. Otherwise it won't BE our nation any more.

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