Friday, June 15, 2012

Thrilled to see this

by Rich Miles

Update: I guess my Latin ISN'T that good - the expression should be vox legis. See 3rd graf below.

Apparently a few Americans are coming to their senses, 12 years after our national insanity led us to elect a man (Bush Minor) who was so obviously lying to us about pretty much everything, and 8 years after we REALLY showed our madness by RE-electing the asshole. Cut and paste the following link, read the article, and weep - weep because, if you're like me, you knew this years ago:

It's Not Too Late to Blame Bush

In response to my recent piece, "Why Can't We Do That?", I received an email, not a web comment, to say that we can't do it because none of the crimes and specifications I mentioned broke any laws. I'm not sure I agree with that - he sent men to their deaths, directly and unequivocally. Doesn't that at least qualify as manslaughter, if not murder?

Send some comments, you all! I'd like to know if anyone else thinks this way. And yes, I'm aware that vox populi does not equal vox dei. I would be curious to see if it is at least similar to vocis lex*. (And I hope my Latin is at least this good. What I mean is the voice of the law.)

But read the link above. If your politics are similar to mine, it will bring joy to your heart.

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