Friday, July 13, 2012

If you can be least be expensive

by Rich Miles

Hi, gang - if you read the post right before this one, then this one will probably make more sense.

So anyway, fellow Americans, I'd like to ask a favor of you: I'd like for all of you to strongly resist the pull of huge amounts of money, to which you will be subjected in coming months, as the electoral pull and effects of billions of dollars that would have been illegal 5 years ago are exerted on you and all of us, in a purported attempt to exercise the free-speech rights of the billionaires giving the massive amounts of money, but in actuality to buy the election.

That was a pretty long sentence, but I said what I meant: money buys messages, that cause people to change their minds, or to reinforce their beliefs, and when this happens in relation to elections, the guy with the most money can say whatever he wants, and sway opinions in any direction he cares to. Even if he LIES his ass off.

So there it is in a nutshell: Republicans lie their asses off on the best of days. And if you give them lots of money, as the Koch Bros. et al are doing now, they can say whatever they care to, and we who know they are lying can't do anything about it, because it is a Labor of Hercules. It's just too big.

So here's what I'm asking of my fellow Americans: STOP being so naive, that a few dollars will buy your vote. THINK about what you're hearing, and don't let it sway you. Believe what you believe, and don't let the paid announcements change that.

In other words, stop being a damn stupid SHEEP, that can be led anywhere if the price is right. THINK about what you hear. Does it make sense? Is it logical? For instance, the other day a friend of mine, who I didn't even know was a Repug, said that "no one could convince her that Obama has a brain in his head." Now, that is one of those statements that, if you think about it just a little, you'll recognize as simply highly unlikely to be true. Pres. Obama was a college professor, in the subject of constitutional law. One does not get such a job if one is not bright - exceptionally bright. The person who made this observation heard someone say that - she didn't really believe Pres. Obama is stupid, or if she did, she got it from someone else. Now, I am not saying that this person is herself stupid - though I am inclined to believe she is easily led to beliefs that have specious antecedents. I consider this person a friend, but I had to insist that we no longer discuss anything of a political nature, because I didn't want to come to shouting with her.

But at any rate, this kind of thinking - thought that is influenced by messages, and messages that are presented for NO other reason than to sway the electorate - is what gave us 8 years of George W. Bush, unquestionably the stupidest man to occupy the office in the past 2 centuries. And Mitt Romney (or Romoney, as I saw him called in a letter to the editor the other day) may give GWB a run for his money in the stupid department.

Romoney is a liar - viz. his statements about his involvement with various corporations like Bain and so on. - and is far too rich to be honest (sorry, I hate to generalize like that, but rich people are about 98% likely to be lying MF's), and in general is just not a good choice for president.

These facts, and more, remain true no matter how much money is spent on Romoney's campaign.

So your job as an American is not to be swayed by money - by the slickness and frequency of Romoney's ads, etc.

Can you do that? Can you make your judgment based on how competent either candidate is, and not on how much crap they blow at you?

If you do that, and pick Romoney anyway, I will respect it. I'll think you're stupid, but I'll respect your right to BE stupid.

But Obama is the man for president. He will do in a second term what Repugs have blocked him from doing in the first. And he's not stupid rich. Listen to his message, then to Romoney's, and see which one makes the most sense.

And don't be a cheap whore. OK?

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