Saturday, December 15, 2012

This makes my heart hurt

by Rich Miles

UPDATE 12/19: I have written a more cogent piece on this topic, or so I believe. It is right after this one.

Yesterday, Dec. 14, 2012, 20 FIRST-GRADERS, and 7 adults died in Newtown, CT, the result of a shooting rampage by a total loser of a young man, who had no chance of ever being remembered for anything except murdering children. His guns had quite a range on them, because the murdering bastard killed my soul as well, and no doubt that of millions of others across our nation. FIRST-GRADERS!!! Children who had barely lived, in fact in some sense had NOT lived at all yet - gunned down. What else can one call it, but gunned down?

Our nation, with the exception of the worthless piece of shit Mike Huckabee and some few who agree with him, mourns. Huckabee said that god allowed this massacre to take place because god had been removed from the classrooms of our nation's schools - that's a paraphrase of what the unconscionably cruel bastard said. And the thing that really wounds my heart and makes me angry is that there are almost certainly some people - hopefully, few of them - who agree with him. Who agree that god, that the supposed supreme deity who controls the entire universe, allowed LITTLE CHILDREN, all of them 7 or under, to DIE because his vanity had not been assuaged by being worshiped with a short rote prayer every day. Children DIED because of this, says Huckabee the Hitlerian shitbag!! Can he ever be taken seriously again?

I can only hope not!

I wish peace for the parents of Newtown, and those all across our country. I will NOT say may god bless them. According to Mike Huckabee the walking sack of useless pus, such a blessing is no blessing at all.

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