Friday, May 04, 2007

Connect the Dots! It's Fun and Easy!

by Rich Miles
May 4, 2007

Originally posted as a comment on at this link:

Will Justice probe block Gonzales aide's testimony?

Read the above-linked Tim Grieve story on Salon. It's not long.

Then read this story about Scott Bloch's and the Office of Special Counsel's "investigation" of three separate WH scandals:

CREW Says OSC is the Wrong Choice for Bush Investigations

Then finally, for now, read THIS story about the investigation by a WH "panel", whatever that means, into allegations of wrongdoing by Stuart W. Bowen Jr., the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction

White House Panel Investigates Inspector General for Iraq

They're not very difficult dots to connect, really. Every one of the above, and certainly more besides that are going on under the radar (so far), are attempts by this corrupt administration to appear to be doing something to address serious issues and allegations, while in reality - remember reality? - doing all in their power to shield the guilty parties, especially those in the top levels of government, almost certainly including those in the White House and Bush himself.

How much of this filth must we take? I mean really, how long will we be lied to, and OBVIOUSLY lied to, before people take to the streets and scream, finally, loudly and long enough to be heard?

Our government is LYING TO US DAILY about stuff that really matters, not just the piddling crap that all governments lie about, but real, honest to god life and death stuff. Why are we allowing it still?

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