Friday, April 27, 2007

What's at stake - what's REALLY at stake

by Rich Miles
April 27, 2007

The following started out as a short comment on, and just grew and grew as I wrote:

A commenter on BGR who calls himself "arejar" ended a brief comment with the observation: for the children's sake, vote Democratic.

I said the following:

arejar, that's a great campaign slogan! I'm not kidding, the Dem candidates in every race need to use that, over and over and over!

For the Children's Sake, Vote Democratic

Now, back to the subject at hand: my picks for Democratic Presidential nominee in 2008, based in part on the results of last night's (Apr. 26) first debate among 8 potential Dem candidates:

1 Gore
2 Edwards
3 Richardson
4 Obama
5 Gravel (I think he could do it, but in any case would be a hoot, and we could use some humor in the WH)
6 Kucinich I guess
7 HR Clinton
8 Mrs Kucinich (WOW)
27 Dodd
153 Biden

We also really MUST elect a Dem for the sake of the SCOTUS justices who are getting on in years and are trying their damnedest to wait it out till Shrub is out of office. They (Ginsberg, Breyer, Stevens and even Souter, fer cryin' out loud) are hanging on by their fingernails, and won't all make it another 4 years. Their avg. age is 75, and Stevens is 87. The 5 conservatives average less than 62 years old.

The next preznit of either party is going to get at least 2 and perhaps as many as 4 SCOTUS nominees, and it's almost certain that they'll all come from left-side retirements. Roberts and Alito are young enough to be there for a long time, and Scalia and Thomas are looking pretty healthy.

Oh and BTW, Kennedy can no longer be thought of in any real sense as a "swing vote" - did anyone read his majority opinion in Carhart? He's officially gone over to the Dark Side, IMO.

So just in case this little point has slipped by, look at the extreme right lean of the SC now, and imagine it with 2 to 4 MORE wingnut judges.

We gotta win this one, folks!


profmarcus said...

thanks for your comment over at my blog and for linking to me... looks like you've got a pretty good one going yourself and i'll add you to my blogroll... also looks like you've been at it as long as i have... again, thanks for the good words...

Anonymous said...

" For the sake of the children "

While surfing the TV last night I happened to catch Glenn Beck ( I have a strong gag reflex). Preacher Glenn was ranting about why we need to stay in Iraq. Guess what he said?....We need to stay in Iraq for the sake of the Iraqi children who will be killed in the "chaos" if we leave.

Beck didn't explain why, what is going on at the present time, is not chaos. Nor did he say who should be given "credit" for the thousands of Iraqi children who have already been killed.

So, while " do it for the children " is a laudable statement, it is just another throw-away line for the " Right".
We cannot appeal to the conscience of a group of people who have none.