Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The cockroaches are crawling out of the woodwork

by Rich Miles

I have to confess that I'm surprised we haven't seen more of this:

An idiot on the radio named Tammy Bruce has embarrassed all white people, all broadcasters, and all racists (yes, I meant that too) with an on-air tirade in which she repeatedly referred to the Obama family as trash in the White House. There is much to be said for not giving Ms. Bruce the publicity that comes with making her actions known, but here it is. This hurts my heart even to present it to you, but I think it needs to be done:

Tammy Bruce Acts Out Like Total Racist Slag She Is

I sometimes despair of my country. This is one of those times.

If you can stomach it, read some of the comments.

My poor, bleeding nation.


kentondem1 said...

Sorry, but this is what happens after the McCain Campaign ran the sleaziest, most racist campaign in our history. That campaign allowed the Bill Cunningham's of the country, the state Republican parties, and assorted nut job organizations to preach and spread the vilest of comments.

How many times did they permit Sen. Clinton to be referred to as a "bitch"? How many times did we hear "terrorist, BLACK, Muslim, Arab, Communist, racist, Nazi, kill'em, watermelon, fried chicken.....either out of the McCain campaign McCain campaign or out of their uncorrected and unrestrained surrogates?

And now we find out that their future leader, Gov. Palin, is complaining that she couldn't find anyone to "pray with her" on the McCain staff.:)

Any wonder we now have Ms. Bruce slinging more garbage?

Jack Jodell said...

Well, whaddyaknow? A brunette Ann Coulter wannabe! What a piece of work. I guess it's clear, though, that Tammy Bruce is the kind of trash that will NEVER get INTO the White House! Excuse me, did I say trash? I meant excrement---FLUSH her!