Saturday, April 04, 2009

Limbaugh propaganda kills 3 cops

by Rich Miles

Update below: Corrects my remarks about Pres. Obama's statements on guns and gun control, and also adds information about the deaths of 4 policemen in California several weeks ago.

In Pittsburgh today (April 4th), 3 police officers were killed by a gun nut who claimed he heard President Obama was going to take away everyone's guns. (Unlike most such nuts, the guy didn't kill himself, and survived the firefight he started with only wounds to his legs. He was wearing a bulletproof vest.)

Do you wonder where he got that idea, that the president was going to take away everyone's guns? I do, since Pres. Obama has at NO time I'm aware of EVER made any statement about what he was going to do concerning private ownership of firearms. He's never said he wanted to take everyone's guns away from them. In fact, he's never said ANYthing about them, pro, con, or neutral.**

Do you want to know who has been saying that Pres. Obama plans to take away everyone's guns?

Right-wing talk radio nuts. Like Limbaugh. Michael Savage. Any number of other fanatical nimrods of their ilk, whose names escape me because I don't listen to that kind of tripe. In fact, the only reason I know that these morons say these things is that I have read about them doing so in various and sundry national and local publications, and heard it mentioned on some LEFT-wing broadcasts.

They (the right wing propagandists) have frightened weak-minded people. They have made up a supposed position of Pres. Obama's, and preached that position to their weak-minded followers, and this is the result: three dead cops.

Rush Limbaugh is just as responsible for the deaths of those three cops as the guy who pulled the trigger. All those nutcases on the radio and TV are responsible.

But will they ever be brought to task for their crime? No, I rather assume not.

If they had any conscience at all, any honor at all, they'd take responsibility for their actions without prompting. I rather assume that won't happen either.

My deepest sympathies to the family and colleagues of those three dead cops. Look to your supposed "friends" in right-wing radio for the reason behind this horrific event.

**Update: Revised Article


Jack Jodell said...

OUTSTANDING piece, and are you ever right on the money! Because most of these extreme right-wing radio and TV morons are so twisted themselves, they don't even stop to think what effect their hate rants and outright lies have on the wackos and mentally unstable. And, of course, since none of these pundits gives a shit about anyone but themselves, they will deny any responsibility for things done because of them. According to their outright bullshit, Obama's not only a gun-grabber, but also a Muslim, an Arab, a terrorist, anti-American, a socialist, and even a fascist. These people are beyond mean-spirited. They're criminally INSANE!

kentondem1 said...

And what does the famously liberal MSM focus on?

Why it was a dispute about a dog pissing on the carpet!

End of story, nothing to see here, just move along folks.