Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gail Collins has a valid question

by Rich Miles

Gail Collins is one of the most famous people you never heard of. She's a columnist for the New York Times, and I don't even know if she has a regular column or not, cuz normally she is so mild that I can't remember what she said last time or when.

But she's a good writer, and often says things that no one else has thought of. So it is today, when she asks the following very important question: How...can you stand at a rally waving the American flag while yelling “Secede”?

It's a valid question: the equivalent of asking, "how can one be a patriot while seeking to dismantle the very government that makes your country so unique?"

So what nutball has so thoroughly screwed this particular pooch as to be on record doing these two mutually exclusive activities?

The person in question, the one who made that ridiculous public picture, is that old GWB protege, Rick Perry, governor of Texas.

So my question in return is, "What the fuck?" Why is it, since November of last year, that so many right-wing "patriots" are so keen to leave the country? And I don't just mean travel abroad, I mean start another civil war, unless of course the administration in Washington just says, "Fuck 'em. Goodbye and good riddance, let 'em leave."

Unlikely, but it would serve them right.

In fine, I am getting so effin' tired of Repug posturing. I keep hoping Pres. Obama will too, and will call them on their bullshit in a national forum. I don't really get why that happens so infrequently.

I've had enough of loudmouth demagogues. I want some of them publicly and unmistakably embarrassed.

What about you?

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Jack Jodell said...

The conservative "movement" has become a bowel movement: a mass of waste to be flushed away forever. The Republican Party has descended into a party of hateful, spiteful, anti-social misfits. They are miserable sel-centered people who lack honesty and decency. These Joe-the-phony-Plumber types are mad at the world. Like the Nazis of yesteryear, they are constantly in search of scapegoats to blame and persecute for THEIR own lack of vision and coherence. They have nothing to offer the world but oppression, fear, and hate. That is not a recipe for acceptance or growth, so their numbers will continue to shrink. If only these malcontents COULD seede, we would be rid of them and their irrational bellyaching forever!