Friday, July 31, 2009

The Big Lie is now American

by Rich Miles

I keep making the mistake of thinking the Republicans have been as big assholes as they possibly can be about health care (or anything and everything else), and then they do something like THIS stupid shit, and I'm once again proven wrong, and see that they really can sink below the bottom.

This article, and numerous others recently, are getting to the nitty-gritty of the repug method for spreading manure - just repeat the lie over and over and over again, regardless of any relation or lack thereof to the truth - and that's a semi-good thing, I guess. A few people are "getting it" that didn't before.

But the gist of the lie, that Pres. Obama is proposing a law that would force old people into euthanasia, is just so ludicrous, so incredible, so over the top, that I can't imagine anyone believing it.

But apparently some do. Apparently.

You should read the comments attached to this and other articles on the topic of repug perfidy. It shows why repugs think they can get away with this kind of unbelievable lying. Because the repugs who write the comments, and the moronic and indeed evil ideas they espouse, are taking up the majority of space in most blogs, and would lead the casual and uninformed (and BIASED) reader to believe that the repug point of view is the majority view.

(Which brings me to point out the fact that there have been numerous headlines in print and online lately, mentioning the fact that Pres. Obama's approval ratings are in decline. What they DON'T mention is that his numbers are STILL higher than Bush's ever were, except for the period immediately after 9/11, and are STILL well over 50%. The majority of Americans actually rather like Obama and his policies. Wonder what's in it for these publications to present the president in decline like this? They never did it to Bush, at least as far as I can remember. In fact, quite the opposite. If Bush's numbers went up a tenth of a percent, the headlines would often trumpet it to the skies, even though they were still below 50%.)

So anyway - I guess we let the insane repugs go on being insane, as if there were anything we could do to alter it. The only thing I can think of to do here is to write more comments on these posts. That will at least alter the appearance of where the majority lies. If you have any better ideas, please post them in the comments of this post.

Mandatory euthanasia. Pah!!!


Jack Jodell said...

You ain't seen nothin' yet, Rich. All this next month we're going to see one lie, distortion, exaggeration, and scare tactic after another in an attempt to derail any action on health care. The repugs aren't just insane; the lying pricks are downright evil as well. No morals, no conscience, just lie and obfuscate---such is the state of the traitorous, treacherous GOP of today.

Old Scout said...

That what is being done now in the name of profit in the private sector should be withheld or disgraced if performed by a federal government agency is hip-ocracy of the highest order of magnitude and exposes the coalition of naysayers as having no logical basis from which to attack either plan: single payer or public option.