Monday, July 13, 2009

Ummm...thanks, but no thanks

by Rich Miles

Remember the old joke about the lottery drawing: first prize, a week's vacation in Scranton. Second prize, a TWO weeks' vacation in Scranton?

I think I may have discovered the political equivalent of that joke.

Sarah Palin, she should only go to the smallest of the Aleutians and STFU, has now promised - or perhaps threatened is the right word - to stump for Democrats (as long as they're the right KIND of Democrats) in upcoming election years.

First prize, a campaign appearance by Sarah Palin. Second prize, TWO campaign appearances by Sarah Palin.

I can't imagine even the deepest royal-blue Blue Dog asking for this boon to be granted him or her.

I mean, is there no one on the national political scene, of either party, who is willing to say to this woman, "Sarah, sweetheart, baby, darling - who the fuck ASKED you? Sit down and shut UP!"

I'll just close this with a final vow: I will not vote for ANY Democratic candidate who has this moron campaign for him or her. This might even be enough to get me to vote for the repug opponent.

Naaaahhhh....but you get my point.

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