Thursday, January 20, 2011

Predicting the same ol' shit

by Rich Miles

UPDATE: The Democratic representative mentioned in the third graf is Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY).

As I read all the stories today about the House vote to repeal health care reform, my mind is boggled by the realization that, in 2012 if we aren't destroyed by a South American comet or something, the likelihood is very great that the Republican majority in the Congress will become greater.

Because you see, your fellow Americans are just insufferably stupid, and will let the repugnicans hoodwink them over and over and over again! And the repugs are well-armed and well-disposed to do that hoodwinking, as we see in those same stories about the near-repeal.

A Democratic member of the House, I don't know who because it went by on TV so quickly, made a speech on the floor about how dangerous it would be to engage in the old drinking game where you take a drink every time something happens - in this case, every time a Republican says something untrue - and how one should enlist a designated driver if you do. Quite agree, quite agree.

For instance, every single Republican representative voted for repeal of the so-called "Obamacare". All of them, no exceptions.

Now when was the last time you saw that many people agree that thoroughly on ANYthing? Do you really think every single repug representative, and even a few Democratic traitors, had read the health reform bill, and knew what they were voting to repeal?

I kinda doubt it.

But there are voters all over the country who are cheering for the repeal of Obamacare without having any idea what that vote will cost America, and Americans, and THEM. And they will vote in 2012 for those repug representatives who saved America and the budget by voting to repeal health reform without even knowing what they were doing, or to how many people they were doing it. And there will be even more repugs in both houses of Congress, and they might even manage to drive the repeal through, as they claim they will. And all of us will suffer in ways we cannot even imagine now.

As I grow older, I simply goggle at the ongoing and apparently never-ending stupidity of so many Americans. I mean, this is not just my opinion - it's demonstrable that people are voting against themselves, their financial interests, and their children's interests, over and over and over.

And I call that stupid.

It may be 22 months till that election, but I see large numbers of Americans gearing up to exercise their God-given right to be as stupid as they wanna be.

Man, this democracy stuff is rough on the thinking man and woman.

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Jack Jodell said...

I am not so pessimistic about 2012 as you've expressed here. This is the reason:
1). Obama's poll numbers are rising, and the more he stays above the fray, the worse it will be for the GOP.
2). The Repubs will do nothing for the average voter. His discontent will rise and that will be good for Obama and his party.
3). Last time the GOP were the odd man out and could claim they were shut out of all the decisions. Controlling the House, they now SHARE in the blame and will not be able to keep their idiot teabagger allies happy and eager to support them again. Not as many will make it to the polls in 2012, and the natural tendency of Dems to outpoll Repubs in a presidential year will rise to the fore.

Because of these reasons, I expect the GOP to lose, not gain, ground in 2 years. Let's hope!