Saturday, November 17, 2012

Repugs engage in cannibalism

by Rich Miles

Update below: It's not really cannibalism. It's just being a whiny-ass titty baby loser.

Not gonna go into detail on this, because the details are easily available if you're interested, but: The repugnican party is on a wild and hairy hunt for who to blame for the loss to President Obama a couple weeks ago. So far, they've come up with: Romoney's aides, and most recently, Fox News. I mean, the very news strategy that has been in operation since at least 2000 is now - not a good electoral strategy.

What total whores these people are. If they had won, Fox News would have been the golden source of all wisdom. But since Romoney bit the big one,  it simply HAS to be someone else's fault. It just can't be that Mittens was simply an unconvincing candidate to lead a country in such financial straits as we are. It has to be something else.

I am sincerely hoping that, as predictions have it these days, all the old farts who make up the base of the Repug party these days will indeed die off. Unfortunately, it will probably be another 40-60 years or more until they're all gone - but we can hope, can't we?

UPDATE: Comes today, 11/18, the news that Romoney is whining that the Repug primary debates were too many, and exposed the candidates to "gaffes" and other awful stuff that could be used against them to prove them stupid asses later. OK, he didn't say that last bit, but it was the gist of what he said.

Also, CNN and PBS were liberal networks that "beat the heck out of" Repug candidates, including of course, him.

Big stupid pussy. Is no part of his internal dialogue or public statements that HE was a big, disgusting plutocrat? And that eventually, even Repugs figure out that they are voting against their own interests, financial and otherwise?

Aren't you glad he didn't win? He would have spent 4 years whining like this every time something went wrong, count on it. If you go back and listen to his speeches, you'll hear the tone that would have led to it. Listen especially to his direct criticisms of Obama - THAT is whiny-ass titty baby stuff!

My only regret from this election is that he didn't lose by a far larger margin. I mean, 59 million Americans were just plain stupid enough not to see through the bastard.

My advice to the former governor: Shut up. Nobody cares why YOU think you lost. You are irrelevant and useless now. And don't even THINK about 2016, unless Pres. Obama shits himself on the White House lawn, and bombs Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. And maybe even Houston. And even then, you'll be running against the next Dem, NOT Obama.

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