Saturday, November 03, 2012

This guy will say ANYthing!!

by Rich Miles

I haven't written much in the past few months. That's unusual for me in a presidential election year. It's just that I really couldn't get inside the head of anyone who is planning to vote for the Mittster. It's just such an illogical fallacy to vote for him that I found it impossible to address remarks to such a person.

I remember back in 2004, when John Kerry was accused of, among other things, being willing to "say anything" to get votes. It wasn't true, of course, Kerry was relatively honest compared to most pols, and especially compared to Bush - but as was the common tactic with Karl Rove, they attacked Kerry at his strongest point, not his weakest - he's a fairly honest guy? said Rove, good, then let's call him a liar. Remember all the people at the Repug National Convention carrying flipflop sandals with Kerry's face on them? Cute, but inaccurate. Kerry mixed up a few facts, but most of the time when he did he admitted it and tried to fix it. But the Repug outrage knew no bounds when they caught him at something - never mind that their candidate couldn't open his mouth without lying.

And now we have a candidate who really will say anything, and has - he's reversed positions he's held publicly for his entire political life, and expects that no one will remember, or notice that he's lying, and that people will thus vote for him because he's saying all the right things.

And while I find it difficult to picture, there really do seem to be a lot of people who are going to vote for the SOB. Enough to make it a close race, when it should be about a 70-30 rout for Obama, and Romoney only gets the 30% because some people will vote their party no matter how crooked the candidate clearly is.

But the thing that really frightens me - and I can't figure out for what reason - is that he might actually get elected! And I don't know if I fear that because he is evil, or because he is simply incompetent. Because he (Romoney) is most assuredly both. He almost totally lacks compassion for his fellow man. Now prove me wrong.

Let me wrap this up with one small observation: Romoney was governor of Massachusetts. And up there where they know him best, he is losing by a margin of 63-33%  (3% undecided, however that may be) according to a recent poll. It ain't just a little margin, you see. Massachusetts is admittedly a fairly liberal state, but they elected HIM! And now, they hate him by 30 percentage points.

Still thinking about voting for him?

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