Sunday, August 05, 2012

As George Raft says, "big joke"

by Rich Miles

Know what this is?

It's a tax calculator.

Now don't get excited all over yourself. It's a tax calculator that will tell you something very important.

It will tell you what your tax will be this year under the tax proposals of President Obama, and what it will be under the proposals of Mitt 'the Mutt' Romoney.

And the results are pretty astounding. In my family's case, we saved over $3000 with Obama's plan. You know, the one the Repugs have blocked repeatedly, in an effort to give the same tax breaks to the 1-2% of obscenely wealthy people in this country. Unconscionable greed and avarice. Simply unconscionable.

Now, the Republicans call the info and assumptions on which this calculator was created "a joke". They would, after all - anything that makes them look bad has to be ridiculed and discounted.

But as far as I have been able to find, there is no explanation of WHY it's a  joke - what's funny about it, or what's not true about it.

So spread it all over the Web. If it turns out to be BS, I'm sure it will become known quickly. However, as of right now, it's true. And unconscionable.

See what you can find out about it if you like. I have researched it, and can find no flaws in its premises.

And its conclusions are truly sickmaking.

I never met a Repug with a sense of humor about anything except the suffering of others. THAT they find VERY funny. But you wanna know what's a joke? Any Republican ever speaking the words "tax break for the middle class".  Now THAT is an effin' joke.

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