Friday, August 10, 2012

Now THIS is funny....but true!

By Rich Miles

New anti-Mitt ad on the airwaves. Take a look:

Mitt Romoney's Hand is in Your Pocket

I mean, the toad has so little respect for us, the taxpayers, that he's barely bothering to hide his oligarchical tendencies any longer. And if you read his speeches, don't have to parse them much, just READ them, or listen if you can get your hands on the video or audio, you'll see that he is not only an oligarch, but quite literally an out-of-touch, let-them-eat-cake fool, who doesn't even realize how condescending and offensive he's being toward us.

And take his recent trip to Britain etc. Do we really want 
ANOTHER president who can be counted on to embarrass us every time he leaves home (not to mention every time he opens his mouth at home)?

PLEASE, voters! If you're leaning towards Romoney, PLEASE take serious note of who he is, and what he says, and how he says it. It scares the pee out of me that he is as close in the polls as he is - one Quinnipiac poll has him AHEAD of Obama. I'm hoping that's an outlier.

Remember my fave quote: "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"? Well, look back in the books or the videotapes to the year 2000, when Al Gore TOLD us in no uncertain terms that GWB's tax plan was going to benefit the top 1 or 2% of the earning curve? That was when Shrub laid the "fuzzy math" crapola on us. But Gore was right - and even at that, Bush was re-elected in '04. Or elected for the first time, say some. Like me. 

So how many times does it take us to learn? Are we going to elect ANOTHER tax-cuts-for-the-rich oligarch? Or, as some are observing now, is Romoney going to elect himself with voter-eligibility chicanery? 

Wake up, America!! Or as they used to say in the old films noirs, get wise to yourself! The guy is no good for America!

I'm the first to admit that Obama has not performed as well as we hoped he would when we voted for him in '08. He's done a decent job in many ways, but we were expecting miracles that did not materialize. There are numerous reasons for this, not least among them the obstructionist House repugs, but all in all he's let us down. But letting us down is not the same as BEATING us down, which is where Romoney is headed. 

Use your head, not your heart this November. And if you love America, you cannot vote for Romoney. You simply CANNOT!!!
I forbid it!

Not that what I forbid means squat to you. But take a look at the commercial. It should at least make you laugh. And from my POV, a good laugh is the best we can hope for right now. Till November, anyway, when I will hope for more.

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