Thursday, August 02, 2012

Whatever happened to Jack Jodell and Cletis Stump?

By Rich Miles

Here's a lesson for young or rookie bloggers: Blog OFTEN!  Make sure there is new content for your readers, especially when it becomes clear that you have a few regular ones.

Like Jack and Cletis. Some few years back, these two gentlemen, who I have never met in person, commented on almost every post I made. They showed themselves to be thoughtful, intelligent gentlemen, who also liked my writing. (That last is the best reason of all to please your readers.)

But now, it's been 7 months for Cletis, and almost 16 months for Jack, since they last commented on me. And again despite the fact that I've never met them, it feels like the loss of a couple of pretty good ol' pals.

So where are ya, boys? Come back! I promise to try to write more often!

And to you newbie bloggers - let this be a lesson to you!

They come, they go. But sometimes when they go, they don't come back easily.

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